Some comments that hurt children/adults in the system.

After comments made to me recently by a few people within the system and various people I know. We were discussing how the way the crown prosecution puts information across to a court which attacks the defendant’s character to create their case. It maybe their job, but when you come into contact with the law due to a disability which you cannot help, it is extremely hurtful. I’ve been destroyed mentally by being labelled in that way. There were other options that just wasn’t taken. I don’t care if it’s a job. There are too many people within the system that hide behind the phrase ‘just doing my job’. If your job involves people then you must realise that the things fed back to them written by you may cause them permanent damage. You do not know the person you’re working with enough to label them a good or bad person. And, when you treat someone like an awful person, this psychologically destroys them. It has done this to me.  I made my mistakes by accident because I wasn’t fully informed. I didn’t go out to do what others have made out I’ve done. If I’m not told things, how was I ever suppose to act appropriately? I was just left hanging there thinking that the other person wanted to harm me. That is why I was the way that I was throughout the situation. 

The objective language which social services, the legal system, and healthcare system use can be quite hurtful too. There is no getting to know the client in the modern systems. This leads to assumptions and those lead to the wrong decisions being made which destroy the clients (or service users) life. That is why the most inappropriate stressful options are being made in regards to their lives. They don’t have care plans, they have risk management plans and this doesn’t help us or improve our lives. It has caused me issues. I don’t feel that I can trust anyone anymore because of everything that was done behind my back and how I got scapegoated for it all. They’ve made sure that me and the other person will never be able to work things out in the future. And this torments me. I can’t deal with that hanging like this forever. This is what the system wants and unless we both say we’re not comfortable with how things were dealt with and left, then nothing will ever be peaceful… and I won’t ever have the friendship that was so important to me to get in the future. If I work on my OCD to the point where I’m totally rid of it, I’d at least like to be given a chance. I need that hope and right now I’m not being given any hope for the future.