I’m not guilty. I don’t deserve this to proceed any further.

I cannot go to that court. I can’t listen to all those hurtful assumptions. How am I suppose to be guilty when I knew none of the facts? I should have been told all that went on behind my back ages ago. I’ve well and truly done my punishment for anything I may have said that wasn’t pleasant. I’ve suffered enough and I wish that someone would pull a miracle out the bag in the week I have left until I’m due in that court. They can see how much of a mess I am. This has been going on for two years and to be honest, things were set up. They don’t care about what happened originally, the contract etc. It was technically never a harassment case when the other person involved was threatened and forced to not talk to me by telling them their job would be at risk. This whole situation has been completely cruel to all involved. This is not the way to sort anything out in the long run. It isn’t fair. I only wanted a Mother figure and some support. Okay, maybe I was a fool when I met the other person. But, that is all I wanted.This is completely the opposite. I just need others to see sense because I don’t deserve punishment. I had no malicious intent. All this happened because of my disability. And how is it fair to punish someone for a disability? This has been a complete setup and no one ever wanted me to know because they knew how I’d react. If there have been lies said by anyone involved, then they need to come out and be sorted. I’m getting no support, all they want to do is throw me into prison for something that wasn’t all my fault. If the other person involved is willingly setting me up too, please give me a break. I’ve been honest and open about how my disability… please can I stop talking to a brick wall now and be spared this awful treatment.