Getting fit!

I am attempting to ‘get fit’. I was at the Gym at quarter to 8 this morning. I have been doing the odd exercises the last few days at home. However, soon discovered that I don’t have as good coordination as I did previously. It was awful. I just couldn’t follow the exercise videos.  But, fortunately there are many ways to lose weight. I barely did anything last week and managed to lose 3lbs.

I must admit though, I have been drinking more water and feel a lot less bloated and it has helped cutting down on the painkillers. It didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to because I had to take them to get rid of my migraine. I’m still not impressed with my hip and waist fat, but the bit that you hate always seems to be the last to burn off.

I’m sure I will burn a lot off naturally when I go back to college next week (providing my final destination isn’t prison). I still need to ring the court. I’m not trying to be difficult… I cannot do it. I also get phone phobia so I’m just going to have to force myself because at least I may not have to face going to face it yet if I can face the phone phobia  part. I’m not trying to be difficult. The prosecutions words will psychologically damage me. I’ve been through enough. There are those around me telling me that I’m holding everyone back from moving on and potentially allowing me a chance to be in their lives in the future by not being able to go. I would like to remind everyone that I went to court several times for this situation but never once was told the truth until recently. Therefore I feel that I have well and truly done my part here.

I have tried to keep the peace now that I’m aware of certain things. I never wanted to fight. I only ever wanted to be loved. I don’t want to be in this situation. I never wanted any of what happened. If others had told me the truth way back the. I could have probably have jumped in and done something because I know the system here due to growing up in this awful county. I know that some of the more elites and higher ups do a hell of a lot of set ups here. I dug things up as a youngster they’re probably still quite irritated about. I know they most likely are because they sent me away when I uncovered their little conviction for targets information. Never thought I’d return, well I did and I’m not keeping any info I know to myself, especially after what’s been done to me since I returned to the county. If others don’t believe me, go uncover the information yourself. And believe me, it happens.