I haven’t done anything wrong! The gossip stops here!

I’ve had enough of being laid into by other people’s ‘friends’. I have had to put all my posts on friends only because someone screenshot my conversations and sent it to the other person involved in the case. Please stop all the gossip. I’m not an awful person. I have literally been manipulated all the way through to get angry at everyone. The person who told me about the supposed contract that got signed behind my back has now retracted it tonight. I never wanted to be in this situation okay. I’m fed up of others adding fuel to a fire I just want to put out. I care about the other person. I haven’t done anything on purpose. Since others have got involved, the situation has been made even worse because they’re stirring things.  I don’t want to be judged anymore. You’ve got no idea to not be able to remember barely anything. I can’t help that my brain tumour and autism doesn’t let me function like a ‘normal’ person. I am confused enough in my everyday life. I can’t phrase things right when I’m upset about things. Those things that were seen on my profile was not about the other person. So, I’d appreciate it if people didn’t ‘assume’ and copy and paste things to the other person. I know for a fact that others have stirred it. Please just stop it because I’m struggling enough okay. I don’t deserve to be hated. I deserve the support but everyone seems to be hell-bent on stirring the pot. If you think it’s funny to make it worse for vulnerable adults lives worse and making them more hated by someone that they miss terribly. I want a chance one day, but none of you is making that a possibility. I don’t appreciate being made to look a liar by being told things that aren’t true (which I repeated) and trying to make things unrepairable. Be careful what others are saying and never believe a word because if they really want to cause trouble then it is possible to doctor screenshots. I won’t be publishing anything on public status again.