I can’t deal with all this.

I can’t stand to live in this area anymore! I feel like everyone is laughing at me behind my back. Along with the person that has done everything to me. This was completely cruel and I feel absolutely humiliated. I just want to get home and shut myself away. I know that she’s most likely told everything I trusted her with. She was completely evil and I couldn’t see it. She was worse than my own mother which is awful. The worse thing about it was that I didn’t want a lot from her.

It was their fault that they got the wrong idea and I’m being made to pay for everything. I know that I can’t deal with everything they’re trying to put me through. And right now I just want to be left alone. I am that close to quitting college and my distance learning gcse. I don’t want the education anymore. I’m always going to be treated like an unwanted freak by those that are educated to degree level etc … so why would I ever want to be one of them? They are everything I absolutely hate! It seems that the more ‘system educated’ someone is, the more ignorance that they display towards others. I don’t feel like anyone really wants me around. I certainly never wanted to be in this area and it’s proof that they don’t want me here because they punish me for who I am here.

I have sore feet because I’ve had wet trainers in all day. I couldn’t easily go home and change because I wasn’t going home. I’m on the bus at the moment.