To the ‘friends’

Yes, this entry is aimed at the friends of the other person. You have absolutely no right to have implanted assumptions into the other person’s head. I know that most of you have set me up because I’m aware that you’ve been watching my blog etc for ages. I’m not the one that needs help, you lot need help because it’s not normal for you to turn another person against someone you’ve never even met. I have never followed your friend. So please don’t make out to them that I am some kind of stalker. I would NEVER go to someone’s home and I even avoid the university when I’m over in that locality. I would NEVER follow anyone and to accuse me of that makes me feel extremely insulted! I only found out the information that I have by complete accident and circumstance. I refuse to let others accuse me of intent that I don’t have. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You call yourselves adults, you’re not mature when it comes to laying into a younger disabled person who finds it hard to understand social things… your behaviour makes it ten times worse. I do not deserve what’s being done to me. Hands up, I said things that I didn’t realise wasn’t acceptable but you’ve been making out to the other person that everything I’ve posted is directed at them. It isn’t and never was. I’ve suffered enough because of your shit stirring. The other person shouldn’t be friends with you lot because you’re superficial and all you want to do is cause trouble! It proved it when one of you added me and told me a lie. This was to make me look like a deluded liar when I repeated it. You’ve pushed the other person into pursuing the court case against me! I have had enough of being picked on. I was always the one targeted at school and I’m not having anyone lying about me or making me out to be something I’m not as a fully grown adult. I can’t go through the proceedings. I’m asking that you see me for who I am. Not who you have made me out to be because you do not know me. I’m not a danger to anyone. Stop manufacturing this case by the things that you keep saying to the other person, it is manipulation and not fair!