I’m done!

I’m completely done! I feel extremely rough. I’m so ill tonight 😦 I didn’t deserve everything that has happened. I just want to move on. I am already moving on later this week because I’ve arranged to start the initial process of donating my eggs for couples that can’t have children. I am sure that I want to go ahead with it because I’ve read the leaflets and I feel quite confident that I am comfortable to go through with it. There are always risks and precautions listed, but I learned not to focus on these when I decided to have my son. The hospital gives you leaflets on being induced etc when your baby is late, these are terrifying if you focus on the details. I’d rather not be informed of certain things and just deal with them if the need arises. I’m not using my eggs and I won’t be having any more children. They may as well have what I’m never going to use.  

I feel so ill, I have to go to sleep before I fall over. I feel quite floaty but ache all over. I was in a lot of pain around my stomach earlier. It’s probably self-inflicted because of the painkillers. I don’t require anyone’s sympathy. I can’t stand do-gooders because they’ve ruined my life. They don’t really care about those of us that are in need… all they want to do is ‘look good’. Most of the time they make our lives worse.