Depressed and tired.

I am out all day today but I don’t feel like being out at all right now. I’ve barely slept and I woke up screaming. I never thought I’d be this damaged by everything. I’m falling apart emotionally. I’m glad it’s all over but I’m scared that I’m going to be forever judged. I’m trying my best but it’s never good enough. I’m extremely tired and can’t wait until today is over. I have to get the bus back so my day is going to feel longer. I don’t feel like I can get through the whole day. I can’t have another day off of college because I didn’t get to my lesson the other day due to what happened. I’ve not done any practice of my maths subjects because I was doing other things and my  gcse law assignment. I missed two days last week so I am behind my schedule. I keep looking around and really want to move more than ever. I hated it in Leicester right back in my childhood. I never wanted to come back. It even looks depressing outside in the town where I’m sitting. I’ve just had my lunch and I’m fed up of the suffering that I observe looking around. We needed to sort all this out as an area years back. The system just denies it has all these issues and I am literally in tears because of how I feel and what I see.