I may not be popular for saying this… but I will say it anyway.

I have heard the news over the last couple of days. I’m not bugging anyone. I am simply sharing my opinion and concerns based on my experiences. I do not wish to upset anyone and also ask that no one lays into me for sharing my concerns. I think someone needs to bring these things up because the media are going to be creating a bias against groups of people (as they always seem to do). The recent bill handed into parliament regarding stalking due to the recent events that have resulted in people being murdered. This happened in the early 90s and this was the reason the harassment laws got amended resulting in people like myself coming under them. Those law changes were supposed to stop what has happened recently. They didn’t and all those that are going to go out and commit murder or something along those lines aren’t being stopped under any of those law amendments. 

I’m afraid that the media is going to keep publishing stories effectively creating a witch hunt for those that aren’t the same as some of the individuals who will go out there committing violence and murder. If they hadn’t previously changed the laws back in the 90s then I wouldn’t have been treated the way that I have in my life. I made my mistakes because I didn’t know any better, not because I went out do anything on purpose. The only people that deserve punishment is those that do harass and/or stalk on purpose. Some of us just don’t know naturally because we have Learning Disabilities and Autism mixed together. I find those normal social skills that neurotypicals have extremely hard to master. I’ve calmed down a lot compared to how I used to be, but I still have a long way to go. I know this without others giving me a load of grief about needing to be a certain way socially. I’m not an awful person. I do not care about whatever ‘gossip’ goes around about me. I grew up in this area and I’m used to all kinds of bullsh*t that people start spouting. This puts me off of socialising around here. I am aware that people know my screw-ups from the past and probably think I’m a weird freak. I do not care because unless you have these disabilities combined then you’ll never know what it is like and how unfairly judgemental it is to say those things that I know are said behind my back. 

There is enough stigma and discrimination when it comes to Autism and Learning Disabilities separately. I have both and I really do not wish to be categorised into the same league as those that have gone out there, followed someone else and murdered them. That is not part of my personality. I have acted the way that I did because I was traumatised from things I have been through and just wanted a friend. I am open and always try to be honest whenever possible. I am honest but the only time it looks like I’m not honest is when I genuinely forget things. That is part of my condition too. Those that have judged me have absolutely no idea who I really am. I didn’t choose to have the disability that I have. I have a brain that works differently. That doesn’t make me weird or bad and if people like myself get witch hunted into the current affairs occurring, then this will be extremely wrong. 

I’m trying to move on with my life and train my disability to be more acceptable to others. That doesn’t happen because others just ‘click their fingers’. There is no way of demanding someone loses their disability and to do it the way people have to me was just cruel. I don’t see why others couldn’t have just been a friend, rather than attacking me/punishing me for my disability traits. I have got a £5 note as change twice this week with the person’s initials on and that makes it very hard to let go of the hurt that I feel over everything.