Future planning.

I have completed all the forms needed to relocate when my tenancy ends here. I’ve put myself down on the housing association list. I have stated that I’m willing to consider any location. I am obviously going to ask to look at a place before agreeing to move there but as long as it is away from this area, then that is the main requirement. I know that this move is literally the only way I can guarantee to be able to move on with my life without getting hassle from others. I tried so hard to explain to others and to get them to understand my disability, but they’d rather lay into me and treat me as someone that I really am not. I’ve now made provisions to move away from this area at the end of my tenancy. I don’t want to stay here any longer. 

I won’t talk about my past where ever I end up moving because others never understand. I just want to get away. I will decorate the place that I’m in to repair cat damage etc and then I’m off when my time ends here. I’m hurting too because this area has nothing but bad memories for me, so I have to go as soon as possible. I can’t settle here. I can’t even sleep without waking up at the moment. I don’t know how I’m going to stick it out until mid next year when my contract here ends.  The earlier you put your name down, the more chance your move will happen. I’m looking at private renting option too as a backup (had to do this for my current place). I’m making sure I have enough money saved up for a deposit on a new place. There is a third option that I have considered but it requires a lot more money. Either buying a caravan (my idea) or a canal boat (someone else’s suggestion) and spending different times of the year in different parts of the country. I’d love that kind of life but I don’t have the cash flow available right now. Maybe one day though, but first priority is relocating from an area that isn’t good for me.