Finally cracked!

Nope, not gone insane as people may have presumed. I’ve cracked in regards to actually going to the GP with my swollen knee. I cannot stand the pain anymore. The fluid is sitting on my knee cap and causing pressure, resulting in pain that I literally can’t stand anymore and painkillers aren’t taking away the feeling of strain on my kneecap.  I look a mess because I can’t move properly. I’ve tried to clean and tidy the flat as much as possible but it’s not as well done as it normally is when I can get around better. I tried to get it better myself but it’s worse now it’s made it’s way out of the kneecap and sitting on top. It’s tiring to have that kind of pain and I’ve not slept much over the last couple of days because it’s kept me awake. I may have misjudged my ability to deal with it on my own. I don’t know how I managed this kind of pain when I was pregnant and couldn’t take anti-inflammatories. It can’t have been this bad because I was bouncing off the walls last night with the pain. I don’t even really feel pain now due to having had a baby. Nothing can compare to that kind of a pain since. That shows that it’s quite severe because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t feel it. I can cut myself nowadays by accident on something sharp and it only feels like just a scratch. I might be bleeding extremely badly but I don’t feel the pain. It honestly feels just like an ache to me when it should be absolutely stinging. This feels like an ache in my knee but it’s the pressure I feel on my kneecap which is not pleasant. It feels like my knee is pulling constantly.

I’m getting better at Maths. I’m hoping to pass my exams in that but I think I may need extra time due to the amount of information that is written in the question as the levels go up. It takes me longer to learn things and to see what the question is actually asking me. I’m working through my GCSE law subject. I won’t get my mark for the last assignment (torts etc) until at least Sunday because my tutor had gone away for half term. I’m now on the Criminal Law module and I actually am now thinking that the law is absolutely ridiculous in some cases. I’m not going into details because I don’t have time… however, this is the general feeling I get and I am pretty sure I’m not the only disabled person or any with innocent intentions who has got caught up in legal clauses. The law is actually an ass because it reads like it is and it’s like it’s been written by a rich person to ensure that they keep their status and others below them have to obey or else…