Knee and depression/mental health issues on the way to being ‘fixed’.

I had a successful trip to the GP again today.  I’m being sent to have an X-Ray on my knee (after 9 years of it coming up and down). I have also been prescribed Amitriptyline for me to take at night. They will help me sleep and deal with the mental health issues that I am experiencing. It might even get rid of my OCD traits, who knows. I’ve not got service like this ever at my GP. I have to go back for a follow-up appointment next month which is a system the other doctors didn’t like to encourage. I used to just get prescribed antidepressants and basically left to my own devices to just ring up to order when I needed them. I told him how the sertraline was absolutely awful medication which made me feel constantly sick. They said that can’t keep draining the fluid off of my leg but I’d rather they find out what is actually causing it to swell up in this way. If it’s not an injury I might have a rheumatoid arthritis type thing going on.  I think my grandmother on my Father’s side had that sort of thing quite young. I’ve always had clicky bones. I haven’t been able to feel pain like I used to since having my son. I feel severe pain now as an ache so I can’t judge by how painful my knee is due to the fact that it could be so much more but I cannot feel the intensity. Even when my knee was huge and it was at it’s worse, I could only feel it as a strangling sensation around my knee cap. It wasn’t  like a pain as such. I could tell that it was bad though because of the size of it and the fact that my knee joint was starting to give way sometimes.  It is a good thing that I don’t feel pain easily now though because I used to be a complete wimp when it came to pain. I could probably break a bone now and not feel intense pain. I’m not going to attempt to do that, it’s a hypothetical suggestion. I don’t think my Grandma who had Arthritis ever broke a bone until she was at least into her 70s. I’ve never broken anything in my life. I’m not the type to go doing extreme sport/stunt type things to get into that position though. I like to stay away from that kind of stuff.  

I had a message from my hairdresser who has moved where she works. I was worried as I thought I’d have to change hairdressers. I used to be the type of person that just had their hair done anywhere. Then I found this hairdresser who has literally sorted out all my hair messes and used to do it blond for me. Ironically, we share the same first name. I’m also going to a craft session from next week because my friend from the group texted me the details. I really need to do some of the housework at some point between finishing off my law assignment for Monday. I have the whole weekend but putting it off isn’t good. It’s mainly grubbiness and dust. I also need a good clear out of all the rubbish in my flat. I have clothes that I won’t wear again, books I know I’ll never read again and the extra money, if I sold them, could really help with the benefits change over. I’m hoping that the tablets the doctor has given me perks me up a little more and allows me to sleep normally. I will then have the energy to do all the things that I have been ‘putting off’ due to extreme tiredness.