Tiredness is driving me crazy.

I have half an hour spare to write this before I go to college. I am beyond tired. I need to attend college because under 80% attendance is classed as too low and by the actual functional skills exam, we will get taken off of the list. I also am finding the functional skills hard because there are so many steps and I keep multiplying when I should be dividing. It’s too much information at once for my head to process. I have to interpret the question correctly, then do several steps to obtain the answer and it gets worse when you get past level 1 because they add more information. On level 2 they also put information which isn’t needed for the exam question and expects the person to know what isn’t and isn’t relevant. I’m no good at this in everyday life… let alone in exams. I’m finding that with my law GCSE work too. I miss all the details out because some things I read don’t interpret the same in my head as it should. I either put something totally irrelevant to the question or not enough details to get the full marks. 

I had my x-ray on my knee but have to wait a week for the results, they won’t tell me on the day. I’m not going back to the Gym until I know what is actually wrong with my knee. I’m walking to college when I park up in Leicester (don’t have to park the inner city car park charges). The walking is going to be difficult being this tired, but I’m trying my best today. They were talking favouritism on the Wright Stuff. I wish I was someone’s favourite. I’m always the one that gets the bad things thrown at them. I don’t know what it’s like to be someone’s favourite. Maybe I just have an awful personality or am butt ugly, I know I’m a bit thick.