Things are getting better!

I went back to the Gym tonight because my knee has finally healed! It is as good as it’s going to get anyway. It has always been a bit of a different shape than the other one since I originally had my injury. This session is a test and then I will most likely go to the Gym again at the end of the week if it doesn’t swell up again.

I think things are getting better in other ways too. I got a compliment today that I’ve never had before. The tutor that took my previous class and one of the organisers of the maths classes went and made an arrangement that means I can attend the day class rather than the evening class. I have permission to go for one of the scheduled classes per week and do the things I miss as homework. Anyway after everything was arranged, the tutor told me via email that ‘it was a pleasure to have had me in her class’. I replied back saying. ‘I normally get told to get out lol’. She replied back saying she was sorry to hear that. I replied saying ‘don’t worry about it, it’s no ones fault that they don’t understand my disability issues’. I have never had that kind of response in the education system around here.

I think I have changed myself though. I’m more chilled that I was previously as a younger person. I havent accepted everything in my life, but I have developed a thicker skin. I can’t make people understand the affects of my disability.

Nowadays, I am far too tired to argue with others. I didn’t get up until late today. I wasn’t asleep all that time. I just laid there in complete silence with my eyes closed enjoying the peace. It’s mostly quiet during the day where I live if upstairs doesn’t have their television on. I hated silence when I was younger. I actually need some peace and quiet now. I used to check emails and phone messages all the time. But I only log onto my emails about twice a day now and I glance at messages that beep onto my phone. I decide it it actually needs an answer, much to the annoyance of some of those I know. I’m not ignoring anyone, but I’m busy and I will reply eventually by the end of the day normally.