Black Friday warning and a few other thoughts on life in general…

I will start off with the obvious. I don’t think there is any escaping the Black Friday and cyber Monday advertisements because they’re everywhere you look. I have posted this warning on the websites Facebook and Twitter feed today. However, I was going to mention it in tonight’s blog entry anyway. If you’re looking at the deals online then be careful in case it isn’t legit. It is important to check that the websites you’re purchasing goods off has a padlock in the address bar. It will be found on the left hand side where it says address/url. This ensures that your credit card details won’t be able to be stolen. And, if an offer sounds to good to be true (like everything in modern society), it most probably is either a fake or you’re not buying the product that you thought you were. Even the most intelligent of individuals have fallen for these tricks. You don’t have to have a disability and to be classed as vulnerable to get stung by online merchants.

I haven’t really got much more to say tonight. I decided that however hard it might be, I’m not going to react to discrimination because when I did before I’ve basically justified all that horrendous treatment I’ve experienced recently. When I reacted before, those that had treated me discriminatively had their actions justified because I bit back. And, I do not care what others assume happened at the university. I’m point blankly putting it out there that I was discriminated against and pushed extremely far to react in the way that I did. It was the same in my sons situation, I got pushed and pushed until I broke and messed up. So to the outside world, they don’t see what happened behind the scenes due to the fact that organisations keep that hidden so that they look the ones that weren’t in the wrong. I was honest and on each case this was used against me. I was emotionally  abused because of  honesty and left. Modern society justifies this horrible abuse of power on those vulnerable who are too weak to fight back. And, even when they try, they still get punished. How on earth would they like it if they were punished for a personal aspect of themselves (disability traits)? It used to be that way for those that were gay. The vice chancellor was involved and you’d think he would be sympathetic in that way because it is common knowledge that he can relate to that one. Those that are gay cannot help the way that they are, just like those of us with disabilities. Equality works for even transgendered now. It is seriously backward in regards to mental health and related conditions. I’ve got lots of skills but no one even noticed them. I could have been one of the university’s biggest assets. 

I went to the gym twice this week. So thankful that my knee is better. I want to lose a stone.