I need time to myself, not being rude.

I don’t want others to think I’m being rude but I’m not likely to answer messages etc today. I desperately need time to myself because I’m still feeling quite unwell. I’m very run down because I’ve got depressed and let things get to me.

I hate to just disappear but I can’t be patient enough to deal with others when I’m feeling like this. I’ve gradually been pulling away from other things since I started feeling extremely tired. I feel that it is better if I spend a lot of time resting in bed. That is all I actually feel like doing.

It’s not just that constant tiredness anymore. I keep feeling sick. I have got out of bed this morning but I felt that weak I decided to go back to bed. I feel like my legs are just going to go from under me. I have absolutely no energy whatsoever. I’m updating this from my phone because I just don’t have the energy even to get my laptop from the other room. I’ve nearly fallen asleep twice writing this entry. I can feel myself nodding off.

I hate letting other people down and by being like this I feel that I’m useless to others. I can’t stay awake let alone do anything. The only thing the GP found is that my vitamin level is low, which I cannot understand how it can be because I eat all healthy things.  The iron tablets aren’t helping much in regards to getting some energy back. They take a while to build up though. It’s annoying being like this because I was doing so well despite being sleep disturbed for a long time. I was out nearly every day and felt better, but now I’m too exhausted to do all that.