Sleep doesn’t help.

I slept for many hours when  Why doesn’t help! I’m we tired when I wake up from all that sleep. I’m getting absolutely nothing done at all. I should be taking this opportunity to revise for exams etc but I don’t have the energy. I have done a bit but I don’t have the energy to take things in at the moment.

I haven’t been able to walk because even I’m not brave enough to walk in the ice even with my boots that have deep grips on. I can feel myself slipping even in these things. Plus I just don’t have the energy for that. Even my hair has gone absolutely crazy. It’s broken on the layers. I’m lucky that I have wavy hair to hide it. I can’t afford to have it cut because paying the credit account has crippled me financially. I literally can barely afford anything I’m changing the payment plan because this is leaving me in financial hardship to pay it. I said I’d pay it back but I can’t magic money out of thin air even with my diploma in Wicca. I wish it was like Harry Potter stuff but that just isn’t so in reality. I don’t even believe that people can manifest miracles like they claim to have done. I’ve tried and it simply doesn’t work.