Reset my sleep pattern.

I managed to reset my sleep pattern despite spending the majority of day in bed yesterday. I didn’t sleep the night before and it was extremely annoying because I was actually so tired it hurt to be awake. I seem to have a natural sleep pattern of about midnight to 6am. I actually woke up feeling like I’d had sleep.

I’ve found that I have to make an effort to fall asleep before 1am otherwise I’m not going to get to sleep until after 3 or 4 in the morning. If I’m woken up between 1am and 2am I find it hard to go back to sleep. It happens quite often when you have a cat that only likes to go outside at night. He wakes me up meowing at the window. His sister is normally in before I go to bed because she goes out during daylight hours.

They haven’t wanted to go out much over the past few days because of the weather. Mimi was groaning (a meow that sounded like that) at the weather when I opened the window for her yesterday. She spent half an hour out there and decided it was too cold for her. Dave just comes and goes as he pleases because he prefers outdoors. He’s been in a lot during this weather. He has came to snuggle up next to me on the sofa the past few days. It does annoy my other cats so I try not to encourage him to do that. He has a slap fight with Mister every so often because he thinks as the oldest cat (2 years older than mine) he can take over and act like the boss. I don’t think mine will ever let him succeed though.

I fell asleep with wet hair and now I’ve woken up with mad looking curls in my hair. I don’t like drying it with the hairdryer and I was very tired last night. It takes a long time to wash and condition my hair because of it being thick. I put a repair mask on it last time too which takes even longer. I really want long hair again but I certainly will only be washing it once a week because it’s a chore. I still have a length that can be washed in the sink but may need to start washing it in the bath. Shower water is not good for my hair, every single time I’ve washed it in the shower it’s gone dry and brittle. That is more convenient but my hair would break off due to dryness. I also massage rose oil on my scalp regularly which seems to be helping it grow. Plus, rose helps it keep its red tones. I use the oil on my face too and being pale it gives me a glow so that I don’t look so white. It’s best to use it under eyes so that you have natural cheek colour. I’ve used it to make me look less ill when I’ve woken up feeling like sh*t. Coconut oil is also good to use however it hasn’t got a tint of colour in it. I used to used coconut oil a lot. I used rose oil on my scalp and then I preferred that. It’s not greasy and the tint of red brings out the colour of my hair. I also like it because it stops me looking so pale.