Have a reasonable 2018 and an announcement regarding A.S.S.G.O.

This year (2017) hasn’t been that great. The Manchester terror attacks is the one thing that hit home to me the most. They were just innocent kids going to watch a music concert. And one child was only a year older than my son. I hate the way the world is becoming. The London terror attacks too just shows how dangerous this world is becoming. The events at Grenfell towers also shouldn’t have happened. Those poor people were at their homes where it should have been safe. The cost of making their homes safe from fire was just too much for this Tory government. That’s not factoring in external potential dangers like Trump and the North Korean leader (not attempting to spell his name) twitter fighting and treating nuclear weapons like their toys to launch at each other.

Our prime minister should have taken the hint that they are no longer wanting a Tory Britain when in one of her speeches she couldn’t speak properly, she was handed a p45, and the letters fell off the wall behind her. How on earth does this kind of sequence of events during one press conference portray her ‘strong and stable’ manifesto? Your letters came off the wall so they were definitely not stable. And, even at the end of all that she still took a dig at Jeremy Corbyn about wanting to give him a p45. Since then, there have been raised voices between them during parliament. Why can’t the Tories just get the hint that this country has had enough? I’m not saying that Corbyn would be some kind of miracle worker but the current government cannot stay any longer. I know a few others with Asperger’s who have very high expectations that he will get rid of all the ignorance that they encounter etc. I’m naive but not to that degree.  

Here comes the hardest part of this entry. After 13 years I am closing ASSGO in March 2018.  I’ve had nothing but bad luck since I started it. And I’m not the same person I used to be. I thank you all for visiting the site over those years. Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert will be continuing but on a much smaller scale.

It’s now officially 2018. So I shall say happy new year and hope that your 2018 is a good one. Wishing you all hope, love, miracles etc. I watch the Scottish (scottish descendents from one side of my family) bbc 2 coverage at midnight many years but I always cry because I just get emotional thinking that we never know if we will all still be together this time next year. I lost my father young and it’s been more emotional for me since then. I can’t get Dave from out under the bed, he went under there due to fireworks being let off. He’s never gone under there before and because he’s gone through the draws into the bed it’s impossible to get to him.