A disorganised mess !

I have just been informed college starts tomorrow and I literally am not even prepared. I woke up an hour ago to an email from the tutor informing me of this because I happened to email them today and ask. I’m glad that I didn’t leave it until tomorrow to get in touch. In all honesty, despite having used to have had an ocd emailing problem, I am the opposite now. I actually do not check my emails much unless someone informs me that they are sending me something. There’s more to life than being constantly at the end of an email. I sometimes don’t even answer half of my emails unless it’s important. It’s not like half the emails you get now aren’t some form of spam. It’s annoying because some of the more important emails go into my junk filter and advertising things still come into my inbox.

It’s nearly 11pm and because I had a nap (it got painful to stay awake after not sleeping at all last night). I had to go fill up the car because there was absolutely no way it would go far tomorrow without petrol as it was hovering above the red line. I can at least be assured that my evening meal isn’t going to be fattening as it’s a mushroom and veg stir fry. I’ve only had a sandwich a day and my breakfast about 4am this morning. I know that isn’t the best time of the morning to eat but I had to be out early so it seemed like my only chance as I was hungry. I have to take my medication at night so when I wake up the hunger side effects are strong. I didn’t even sleep last night which must have confused things even more. Every single time I do that my nails start breaking in places. It’s irritating when you’ve spent a few weeks growing them and they then snap off. The whole of the lengths just snap off. I have tried to glue the sides of those which have visible cracks appearing on the edges but eventually they just go and snap.

I heard about the latest on Megan and Prince Harry’s wedding earlier. That stupidly priced dress was bad enough. They are now having the homeless removed away from their wedding. They call themselves humanitarian but I do not feel that this is showing the exact opposite. His Mother would most likely be probably disapproving of these things. By all means splashing out on a wedding is only natural but there comes a point when you’re actually starting to insult the people that you help on your humanitarian projects. Then the homeless are to get removed from their wedding route. That is totally the opposite to humanitarian, that is technically promoting segregation. That has absolutely no part in any humanitarian belief. You would also think that someone of her background would not want that type of thing because of growing up with the issues that came with being mixed race in the US. Even if I somehow got the opportunity to marry a Prince (which is not likely to happen) then I would never sell out like that.

Anyway, as I now have a stupidly early start tomorrow, I’m off to get ready for the morning.