Changes that are going to happen…

These are only in the process at the moment due to a schedule that includes exams and other important things coming up in the near future for me. I’m hoping that by June ASSGO (main website is closed) and this blog is well on the way to being fully established. I’m going to transfer the information pages over to the blog. I was asked via twitter about whether the main aims are going to be the same as the website. They are going to be similar but not exactly the same. I did run the actual site so there is going to be things that are influences here which are the ones I put into the main website. The focus around acceptance and awareness of ASD’s are still going to a blog aim but I’m putting them into the background rather than the foreground. I’m going to try to incorporate it into things on the blog but not as the main focus in anything that I write on here. I want to go out there and be me rather than just a person with a diagnosis. This is the first time in my entire life that I have been prepared to come out as myself and try to sell all the things that make me weird. I am quite apprehensive about doing that because I’m actually quite a shy and reserved person (if you met me offline you’d be able to see how closed I sometimes am to others). I am reluctantly going to attempt to sell myself to complete strangers and others that may have already taken a disliking to me. That is a huge thing but once I’ve done it then it may finally show others that I’m nothing to be feared. I may be a bit different but it isn’t in a negative or scary way. I’m someone that just cannot be fake.

Therefore this may mean that I overshare at times but I have the inability to lie or be someone I am aware that I’m not because that is alien to me. I also fear that I must do this because it is a way of getting my life back. If I show that I’m not a scary person then I will stop being labelled the way that I have been and be able to have opportunities in life without them being taken away from me. I won’t have to mask my Autism and learning disabilities side because others misunderstand them and punish me for who I am. I’m going to be introducing you all to a person that I’ve never let any of you know before. Even my own family do not know me because I’ve always been that guarded. And it shows when people ask information about me to friends and family and they simply do not know. I’m talking very small pieces of information. That is most probably why I’ve never had a serious relationship in my life yet. I am going to do some more professional looking photos for things like this blog but right now I am not how I wish to look yet so that won’t be for a few months.