I shall warn people once and then I will take action.

I am getting to the point where I’m going to have to take action to knock all the malicious bullsh*t which is being spread on the head for good. I cannot take comments being made about the situation anymore. None of you were actually there in any of my past so you actually don’t know the full facts. I have tried to put your narratives straight but the cruel assumptions are repeated to me over and over again. I wanted a friend. I was a huge cow when I was let down at times but I have well and truly paid my dues. I no longer deserve to be vindictively bullied both online and sometimes even offline now.

Absolutely none of you can say that you’ve never done anything wrong in anger when you were hurt in your entire life. The malicious assumptions being spread about me is psychologically damaging me. I’m getting to the point where I feel like committing suicide because everything that others are saying is getting into my head. I’m believing it and I absolutely despise myself. I don’t think that people are truly aware of how painful their words are to me. And if they are aware then they are the dangerous ones that I need protecting from. An order doesn’t need to be in place because I would never hurt another person. I’m more likely to take my own life over this psychological bullying than I am to do anything to the other person. The connotations that enter my head when people imply those things makes me feel like truly utter scum and I want to rip my skin off because I hate the feelings. I am actually guilty of being socially naive and having learning disabilities. I never asked to be born like that. I don’t have a choice but to have my disability and it is just like the lack of choice having a physical disability. At least people with physical disabilities don’t get punished for them. Look up the form of autism I’m supposed to have before accusing me of a being someone that I’m not. At least get educated before laying into me. PDA  is what I actually have and I am so sick of people making assumptions that this is why I’m disclosing this fact out there.

But, on a serious note, I will be collecting evidence and going to the police to get all those responsible for this bullying prosecuted for harassment. This behaviour towards me is verging on abusive and malicious.  I would have taken it from people once but the repetitive nature can be seen as the above. I will be pushing for charges because this has been happening for months.