The purpose of the blog.

I didn’t start this blog to get at anyone. That has never been an aim. I just want to get more understanding for people like myself. If I am on the pda part of the spectrum (in process of a rediagnosis) then it’s even more important that those of us who are verbal that have this part of the spectrum can tell everyone what it’s like from the inside. I have read about pda and suddenly I could identify with it. I never could with the Asperger’s syndrome label. I finally realise I’m not defective by being oversensitive. I have over reacted to things because I feel them more than average by nature. It makes sense when you read about that part of the spectrum. I’ve had others tell me time and time again that I’m not like any other person with Asperger’s which they know and I can’t see myself in a lot of the symptoms, but if others read about pda I assure you that they will see me in that list. I am in nearly every part of it. I am definitely on the spectrum because I have the stupidly sensitive hearing and smell. I’ve always said I do not have the intelligence of an Asperger’s functioning level.

Pda is the only part of the spectrum which doesn’t respond to treatment or support that is designed for classic autism, high functioning and Asperger’s. I cannot get that support officially until I am rediagnosed because that is how it works. A lot of those with pda end up in the criminal justice system because they appear socially able more than autistics and Asperger’s but they lack understanding more than the general autistic and Asperger population. Due to that lack of understanding they get upset over things that others wouldn’t let bother them and then outbursts occur when anxiety builds to a point where it cannot stay in anymore. For the first time in my life, my whole existence finally makes sense to me. Look it up and others will see why I’m saying that and everything negative which has occurred will at least make sense.