Done so much today!

I went to my therapy group this morning. Healthy emotions. I took my Gym kit in the car with me. I thought as I’m over in the locality of the Gym it saves going back home which uses more petrol. I’m trying to save the £3 I spent on the carpark because I wasn’t up to walking yesterday and the rain combined. I’ve lost a lb. That is good considering I’m on one of those weeks that I bloat. It isn’t pleasant being female sometimes. I normally have bloated 3 or 4 lbs at this point. I feel like I’ve made a hell of an effort just to lose a pound though.

I need to settle at a weight soon though because I need to replace two pairs of my jeans because they’re falling to bits with age. If I don’t throw one pair away soon they will be showing my knickers because there is a tear right down that part. The other one has torn legs because being short they’ve rubbed on the ground for years and chunks have come out of them.

I’ve fell out with the wii fit. It told me I lost a pound but because I messed up a coordination game it said my wii fit age was 51. I have gone up a decade since last time. I know I’ve matured recently but that is just an insult. I am aware that I look older, but not that old… however, disagreements with technology is one of those signs of getting old…

On a serious note though, I have never had coordination this awful before. I seem to have just aged suddenly. I’ve never found it this hard to lose weight before apart from the time that I was on a few medication. I’m only on one now. Okay, hands up, I do still take two sophadine painkillers a day as well as my anti depressants, but spaced out. One has caffeine in it so it isn’t good to use in the evening. I can only take the anti depressant in the evenings before bed because it’s got a sedative effect. I’m not taking solphadine as much as previously but I’m not ready to ditch them completely yet. I’m beginning to not be able to stand the taste of them so that’s a good start (dissolve in water ones).

I’ve done my maths paper so all I have to do when I get home is change out of my Gym stuff and do my manager job at the Online art project as I’m on today’s rota. I’m actually ahead of myself for once! Oh and I do need to make myself something to eat for dinner at some point.