Well, someone has to say this ….

I have just heard the news about a guy who killed his ex girlfriend after stalking her. The harassment laws were  changed to stop situations just like this, yet over the years since it’s amendments it’s happened time and time again. People like me with disabilities which affect their social interactions are getting done under it for retaliating against how they’re treated by places which don’t understand their disabilities and subsequently refuse to work with it. Scum (I refer to these types of humans by this title) that go on to kill after hassling or in this case stalking someone don’t take any notice of restraining orders etc. There was a local case where there was a temporary one outstanding and the guy still broke it and murdered his ex partner. I could never kill another and I’m seen as a danger. This insults me because my intent was never the same and I’m a victim of assumptions.

I have an order on my name for life because of a law that was amended to stop people getting stalked and killed, while the ones that deserve this kind of treatment are still not getting stopped. I refuse to be catorgised under a law which is quite frankly not working to prevent deaths. The proviso in which it was amended isn’t working in reality. There’s been virtually no improvement in the circumstances it was amended for since it’s been in force. Meanwhile those of us who only wanted a friend got labelled under it instead of taught how to do something that didn’t come naturally to us. I weren’t listened to and bullied. I retaliated and get the book thrown at me. It’s taken me years to get onto the type of help courses I’m on now. Yet I’m still set to be punished for life by my record and an indefinite order. I think there should at least be an option of a case review for those of us who get successful help which allows our records to be hidden and any outstanding orders to be cancelled. A one system fits all policy evidently isn’t working illustrated by the cases referred to above and my own.

I’m sorry but someone has to point this out. Imagine how hurtful it is to me who was told why the law amendments were made and I’m still hearing cases in the news which shouldn’t be happening if their objective was working. I’m being treated like someone I’m not who wouldn’t even have that intent. I couldn’t hurt a fly physically. I have got over emotional and said things that I never meant via email but I couldn’t do the above. It hurts to be seen as a danger when you know you’re as timid as a mouse. I’m scared of other people now after my experiences and my anxiety levels are at an all time high. I have a anxiety attack every time my door buzzer rings because I fear being attacked in any way.