Detoxed and avoiding.

I went to bed with 6 detox pads on last night. 1 on each ankle, 1 on each foot and two on my stomach. Those are all the areas I feel the bloat in at certain times. I woke up thirsty but that’s to be extremely expected when you wear twice the recommended patches at once. I really needed it to get rid of all that muck and it stopped my joints and foot aching. I will soon find out if it’s worked around my middle because my trousers were difficult to put on yesterday. I was going to go the Gym but I’m not sleeping well. It’s nearly half one in the afternoon and I’m not dressed yet.

I’ve avoided a neighbour who came around yesterday and several times today. I’m not trying to be awful but I just don’t want to get involved. I would never just drop round someone’s home and I’ve never said any type of phrase like ‘drop round any time’ so it’s not something I’m going to encourage. I’ve always hated people in my space. It’s not even personal to anyone else. As a child in the system you’re surrounded by those that you don’t want in your space. When I grew up I lived in places where the surroundings were intrusive and it’s affected me quite badly. I don’t see my life as lonely. I see it as a sense of freedom living on my own and not seeing many people. Sure there are times when it does get lonely but at least it guarantees a peaceful life. Other people equals pain and that is always how it’s been for me. Each time I’ve dropped my guard there has been pain so I don’t do that any longer. I am fine on my own and don’t need anybody.