One exam done! This is how I think I did…

That is one exam over. I probably have about at least 4 to go if you count the 2 parts of level 2 and 2 law gcse papers. That is provided I haven’t failed this level. I’m sure I got enough marks to pass. I knew I’d do the scale one wrong because that is a topic that is difficult for anyone who hasn’t got a designer type brain (I’m talking house and garden designer type brain). I am quite sure that I got my calculations right in the later part of the question and some of the drawing correct so I made up the marks that I may have messed up.

I’m tired because I only got to sleep at 4am and had to get up at half 6. I just couldn’t settle last night because I was scared that the questions were going to be impossible. Then my cats decided to cuddle close to me so I ended up too hot to sleep. I don’t mind them doing that but I had the electric blanket on and then they microwaved the heat due to their fur in so it was too hot. I had my breakfast before I went to sleep because I know what I’m like in the morning. I got the bus because it was snowing when I got up and I just don’t like driving in it since my accident. It was fine on the way back though because the weather has got better since then. It’s still bitterly cold though.  It’s cost me nearly £7 for two singles today because I caught buses from two different companies there and back. The one from my house to the city is more direct. I was a bit nervous about the time this morning in case I was late so I got the one with the route that literally drops me down the road. The other bus which I caught on the way home is quite high tech now. It’s like being in a train as it announces all the stops and brings up the name on the screen. Even the seats look like leather train seats. It’s  really odd because this bus company’s single fare is slightly less than the other bus company’s which hasn’t made their buses high tech and modern.