Woke up feeling crap :(

I woke up feeling like I have a migraine without the headache. I had a headache the whole of yesterday. I had a hot head the whole of yesterday. I normally go the gym by this time of the week but I felt too ill most of the week to do that. I’m self conscious about my weight whether I go or not. I don’t enjoy it. I feel better afterwards but it’s only a temporary boost. I feel sore around my lower back when I haven’t done much exercise for a while. I’ve stiffened up so it is going to be hard to start exercising again as even trying to get off my bed after lying on my stomach studying was quite sore trying to get up. I’d just been in the bath then so it should have eased off a bit. I desperately needed a rest because I feel exhausted to the point I would rather sleep instead of being awake most of the time. I can’t shake off the exhausted feeling but I know I need a rest because since gaining weight I’ve pushed myself quite hard to try to lose it again. It may help giving myself a break from exercise because I can still feel where I pulled a muscle in my foot. I want to try go back to the gym later but right now I’m exhausted and I can’t put the housework off any longer.