Woke up at a stupid hour and certain things I’ve been saying for years are now coming out…

I am awake at a stupid hour. I can’t get back to sleep. I’m not looking forward to the heat today. I found it hot enough yesterday. I am hoping that it doesn’t bring the rashes on my hands back out again. I am trying to get the energy together to bleach my hair. It does need going over in places where it’s more gingery and I may as well do the roots regrowth too while I’m doing that. It’s hard when your energy levels have plummeted to an all time low over the last week.

I have heard the news recently and every thing I have been saying for years is now coming out. The abuse and failings towards those with learning disabilities is just one example this week. I got made out to be a crazy trouble maker for years. I weren’t. And, now that things are starting to come out, I’m hoping that in time others will see I was a youngster kicking back at the abusive system. No one listened to me for over a decade and now every thing I tried to say has come out into the mainstream media. I spent years having various crap written on record about me for being open about these things. I was right all along and all every one did was punish me.