On the topic of organ donation…

This was a topic that was probably best covered yesterday. However, I have been quite busy in my personal life. I saw it on the news briefly on my way to do something. I am on the organ donation register because I personally have no issue with parts of me being used after death. I’d rather they be useful to someone else because I’m certainly not going to be using them again. It took me many years to be comfortable with that decision. I’m not going to try to persuade others that putting themselves on the organ donation register. I just know that there is a shortage in organs needed. I’m going to say why people should consider ticking the box to join the donation register for after your death. I know that makes it sound rather morbid but I’m being realistic here. Depending on how you die is also whether it’s possible to obtain your organs after death to use. It depends on timing and cause of death, your age etc. 

I’m aware that this is a little too science fiction for some. I know it’s a little scary to think about parts of you being removed after death. The thing that made me make the decision was seeing those that only got live because they got a donor organ. Since I became a Mother (although my son was adopted), I always think of the parents of children who will die at a young age if they don’t get a transplant. I do not agree with organs being given to someone that have abused their own organs, eg. alcohol. I put myself on that organ donation register for those that are unlucky enough to get ill and need transplants, who haven’t abused their body. That is why I feel that I should tick that box. I’m only 30 years old and that feels like it’s gone by extremely quickly (and the next 30 years of my life will probably go by quickly too). Life is short, but it doesn’t have to be for those that are on the transplant list. If the worse should happen, a part of you is helping those people to live a happy and full life. Our bodies are just a shell. An organ is just part of that shell. They just end up as ashes or rotting in the ground anyway if they’re not donated. I tell it as it is, even if it sounds quite harsh. That is how it works. Why not put your shell to good use? It’s no use to you after your own death. There may be relatives of yours that aren’t comfortable with the idea, but if you leave your wishes in writing and sign it, then even though they are consulted, you’ve left your expressed wishes.