Today has been a mix of positive and negative…

I had one of those types of Migraines which doesn’t want to go away for most of today. There is an ache all down my spine too. I’ve not been on my laptop all day because screen time is not comfortable for my Eyes when I have a Migraine. I did a bit of housework when I finally did start to feel better. I’m wearing my tinted glasses which is stopping the glare of the screen while I’m currently typing this entry. I’m hoping my Migraine has gone by the time I wake up in the morning. I have to go to order my medication tomorrow because of Christmas etc. I’m just hoping that they are still able to get supplies. I read online that Fluoxetine is one of the medications difficult to get due to things being affected while we are trying to exit the EU. I have known others recently which have had this happen to them with other kinds of medications. I’m lucky that mine isn’t life threatening if I don’t have it. However, it may make me mentally unstable if I suddenly come off of it because I can’t get it from the Pharmacist. I was able to get it within in a week before last time I ordered it.

Meanwhile, the positive news is that my PIP has officially been restarted along with all the backpay they have owed me since March. I am relieved that all that hassle is over and it’s sorted until 2023 which is when I will have to deal with a review. It was extremely stressful. I have a lifelong disability. There isn’t much regarding my condition that has actually changed. I took it to tribunal but the caused a lot of anxiety build up. There is no guarantee that the tribunal will work even for those of us who are genuinely disabled. We also don’t know whether our income from various benefits is safe because of the UK going into this Brexit disaster. It is better to work both morally and for your own wellbeing (if you’re able to do it). PIP isn’t means tested which means that people could have a job and claim for it because it’s paid on an assessment of needs arising from an individuals condition. ESA is means tested which means you either do permitted work (which is capped at an excess of approximately £125.50 per week earnings). I’d love to work but I’m affected quite badly from things that have happened to me at this moment in time. It also isn’t easy getting employment after receiving a criminal record. I’m not in the right head space at the moment to do much let alone function with a job. I may never work but I’d encourage others to go for work opportunities because it’s helpful and gives life some kind of purpose.