Woke up in a depressed mood :/

I actually woke up in a depressed mood today. I didn’t have a lot of sleep though because I kept waking up. That is just as bad as not sleeping. I had to get up earlier today due to the plumber coming to service/fix the boiler. I felt like going back to sleep this morning. The cats have just returned for their dinner so I had to fed them before I sat down. If I didn’t I would be constantly nudged and meowed at by them both. Mimi has now laid next to me and Mister has gone to sit on the sofa. I should be able to go for a nap. If I’m not as tired I’m hoping that the depressed feeling will lift a bit. I’ve learned not to make decisions when I’m tired because they are normally bad ones. There are times when I have to make decisions when I feel this tired but I try to avoid having to do that.

I am aware that no one has any proven treatments/techniques for the PDA type Autism and things don’t consistently work with this condition. I’m therefore trying to make strategies and ways of treating PDA symptoms by experimenting myself. I’d love to find an answer but I haven’t found one yet. I wish that there was a way to stop myself feeling overwhelmed so easily. I went out in the car earlier and even driving I felt my anxiety build up. It must have been high as my eyes felt physically funny due to the muscles twitching in them. It was a horrible feeling. That doesn’t happen a great deal but I have got extremely dizzy once before when I was driving. That is why I am reluctant to drive if I feel like that if I already am feeling a bit off. I have been putting off going back to the GP for a while. I don’t want to take an appointment unless absolutely necessary. I’m not going to get better. I can’t get rid of the things I experience. I’m therefore wasting the GP’s time if I go see them. I just have to basically put up and shut up. That’s what I do. Anyway I’m going for a nap now.


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